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Our Story

Jeremy and Amy were married on October 20th, 2001 in upstate New York. Jeremy was a preachers kid, who's dad started and ran a ministry dedicated to helping at-risk teenagers. Amy was born and raised in New York City along with her sister. They were raised by their loving grandmother, but when Amy and her sister began hanging with the wrong crowd, their grandmother sent them to the youth home, Amy was 15. 

Amy completed the program and chose to stay at the ministry and give back to the other teenagers that came from a similar background. Jeremy and Amy were best friends and over time their friendship blossomed into something more. After dating for two years, they were engaged, and a year later, they were married. Jeremy and Amy have been married for 22 years and they have 3 children, Logan, Evan and Hailey. 

It hasn't always been paradise, Jeremy & Amy have gone through their share of trials, tribulations and heartbreak, but by the endless mercy and grace of Jesus Christ, they have overcome. Through their adversities, God has given them a desire to help as many families as they can, by being a voice of hope and sharing Christ's love, His healing power and restoration. It is their desire to see families reunited and marriages restored!

"The enemy will attack the husband, if he can't get the husband, he will go after the wife, if he can't get the wife, he will go after the kids. His ultimate goal is the complete destruction of the family!"                 - Jeremy Brothers

Our Mission

Our mission is simple and straight forward, to take back everything that the enemy has stolen, to see marriages restored, families put back together, faith renewed and lives changed through the healing power of Jesus Christ! No matter how broken, hurt, lost or hopeless you may feel, no matter how impossible the circumstances you're facing in your marriage, family or life appear to be, there is hope in Christ Jesus! 

Through our weekly podcast, videos, social media accounts, print materials, private prayer partners and accountability leaders, you will be encouraged and inspired. Our dedicated ministry team will be there with you every step of the way, to help lead and guide you with prayer and encouragement, to listen and to lend the more than 50 years of our combined ministry experience to help in the healing and restoration of your marriage and family.

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