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Ever asked Jesus what he likes best about you?

Jesus longs to speak to your deepest desires. These powerful yearnings for things like love, approval, freedom, belonging, and significance animate our lives and lie at the root of the thorny behaviors we most want to change. Our true desires were designed to be filled in our relationship with Jesus. But most of us never learned how to ask.

Questions for Jesus takes you on the exhilarating adventure of hearing Jesus speak to the deepest places of your heart. Your own desires will surface as the meditations help you enter into the thoughts and feelings of characters in the gospel of Matthew. After watching Jesus touch that person’s desire, the book will launch your own heart encounter with with five creative, intimate questions for Jesus, like these:

  • “Jesus, what are you proud of in me today? How am I touching your desire?”
  • “Jesus, what will it be like for you to tell the story of the life you and I have lived together to all of heaven?”
  • “How am I valuable to you? What makes me worth your time and attention?”
  • “So what’s it like for you to not be afraid of anything?”
  • “Who do you say that I am, Jesus?”

Written by a master of the art of asking, the 52 meditations in Questions for Jesus will help you or your small group add an exhilarating new dimension to your prayer life, and encounter Jesus in profound new ways.

Using this BookWritten in a devotional format, Questions for Jesus focuses on the passages in the book of Matthew where Jesus touches an individual's deep desire. The author weaves each scene into a powerful story that brings the bible to life, putting you inside the thoughts and feelings of the characters (Jesus included!) Then, you simply take one of the five desire prayers given for each story and ask Jesus that question.

You'll talk about what Jesus was experiencing in those situations, how he feels about waiting for and preparing for your arrival in heaven, what your meeting there will be like, Jesus' own deep desires, and much more. Talking with Jesus is much easier when you are asking the right questions!

With 52 devotional meditations (each with five questions) this book can provide a year's worth of encounters with the goodness of God. Facing pages offer space to journal your answers, and pithy articles spaced throughout the text show you how the heart works, how to create your own desire prayers, ways to overcome obstacles to hearing God speak, etc. A free Questions for Jesus Group Guide is also available, letting you use Questions for Jesus with small groups, leadership teams or churches.

Questions for Jesus: Conversational Prayer Around Your Deepest Desires

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